The Forest Company invests in sustainable forest plantations in South America, building an attractive timber portfolio that combines yield and capital returns.

John Harald Örneberg
Founder of The Forest Company Ltd.
Founder and Executive Chairman of Timber Capital Ltd. (Investment Manager of The Forest Company)

“Prior to setting up The Forest Company I was looking to address the needs of institutional investors seeking real returns and low risk over a long-term horizon. At the same time, I saw the increasing demand for wood fibre in growth regions such as Latin America, India and China. Timber – a real asset, uncorrelated to the financial markets, of which growth could be measured and predicted – perfectly matched the needs of those investors. In view of this attractive opportunity, I founded The Forest Company to invest in timber and timber-related assets in the world’s highest biological growth regions – Brazil and Colombia.

So far, we have invested in five projects, which include greenfield and standing plantations in Paraná (Brazil), Minas Gerais (Brazil) and Antioquia (Colombia). We continue to build our timber portfolio, identifying several additional investment opportunities with high real returns. Our investment philosophy is to continue to combine environmental sustainability with strong long-term returns to all our shareholders.”