Company profile

The Forest Company combines socially and environmentally responsible forestry investments with unique potential for stable and attractive returns through participation in the value chain of competitive and sustainable industries.

The Forest Company Limited is a closed-ended investment company, incorporated and registered in Guernsey in 2007, in order to take advantage of investment opportunities in trees, timberland and timber related assets. The Company focuses on forest plantations in areas with high biological growth rates, such as Brazil and Colombia. As of May 27th, 2011, The Forest Company has raised equity capital through private placements to institutional investors and family offices. Thus far, the Company has committed capital to projects which include both greenfield and standing plantations located in Brazil and Colombia.

The Company aims to build a diversified timberland portfolio in terms of age, class and species that is intended to maximise the risk/return profile. The Company believes that this approach will generate both long-term capital appreciation for shareholders and an attractive and sustainable income yield.
The Company seeks to invest forestry projects that are or will be certified by an internationally recognised forest management certification programme. The Company does not acquire native forest for harvesting. The Directors anticipate that many of the Company’s investments will involve significant afforestation.

The Forest Company has entered into the Investment Management Agreement with the Investment Manager, Timber Capital Limited, under which the Investment Manager will be responsible for sourcing, evaluating, negotiating, completing and monitoring investments, in compliance with our Investment Policy and subject to the overall supervision of the Board.