Environmental policy

We strive to deliver value to our customers and our owners through good business conduct that is sustainable economically, environmentally and in terms of social responsibility. We focus on all of these issues in all our business concepts and operations. This is reflected in The Forest Company’s Environmental Policy.

Wood is a renewable, competitive and environmental friendly material and one of the bases for the modern society and contributes to quality of life. The Forest Company manages a range of forests that each is to be managed in a sustainable, efficient and social responsible way. A significant share of the forests has been created by the company through afforestation projects, contributing to an increase of the global forest area and locking up and storing carbon dioxide in trees.

The Forest Company’s ambition is to be number one for the environment and to be recognized for this. This means that:

  • We manage our forests with openness, effectiveness and accountability and strive to be the best in class regarding sustainable forest management.
  • We do our utmost to choose and implement modern, efficient and environmentally effective management regimes and technologies.
  • We make sound assessment, balancing environment and economic interests.
  • We work with research and development in order to minimize any negative effect that our operations could potentially have on biodiversity and environs.
  • We have a structured and systematic approach to taking environmental aspects into account, including setting requirements and targets as well as performing follow-ups. We handle this as an integral part of our business management. We evaluate environmental performance when selecting suppliers, contractors and business partners.

Our performance in environmental matters creates the right conditions for a sound business conduct and for improving our competitive position. We comply with existing laws, regulations and permits. By making continuous improvements, our ambition is to be in the lead and set a good example in the regions where we are active. Within the value chains that we are active, we focus on environmental protection and enhancement, pollution mitigation, human health and regional development. Our actions are characterized by respect for the cultures and people of the regions in which we operate. We are committed to maintaining an open dialogue concerning the environmental and social aspects of our management, operations and products. We endeavour to achieve sustainable development in our economic, social and environmental performance. The Environmental Policy is valid throughout the entire The Forest Company.